Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tally's First Birthday & SMU Homecoming!

This weekend our good friend Tally Bean turned 1 year old! She had a wonderful SMU party to go along with our SMU homecoming weekend and 5 year reunion. It was so fun! Happy Birthday Tally!

I made Caroline an SMU tutu! I'm quite proud because I'm not the most crafty person, but it turned out pretty good! She liked it :).

Here are the little cheerleaders! Caroline, birthday girl Tally and Raylee Toney.

And here are the girls with their mamas!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Teco, Teco, Teco!

These days we are ALL about Teco. Caroline watches him everywhere he goes, grabs him, kisses him, wants to sit on him... Here are some photos to document the doggie fun!

Yes, you gotta try for that pumpkin pic!

Yes, she's my little pumpkin! Amy's too :).

The Texas State Fair!

We went to the state fair to Celebrate Poppy's birthday. It was perfect weather and a blast with all the kids! So much to see and enjoy for everyone :).

Charlie was so brave, he loved all the rides! Especially riding on this motorcycle!

No Caroline, you aren't quite tall enough to ride this year! Maybe next year!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Family Time :)

We are so blessed to have so much family in Dallas. Everyone is so helpful with Caroline and we have lots of family time!

Rooting on the Longhorns with Uncle Blake!

Caroline is so blessed to have a sweet cousin very close in age. Annie is only 6 months older. Here they are together on the couch in Amelia Island.

Caroline loves hiking in Colorado. In August we got to spend two weeks with Terry (Nana) and went on lots of wonderful hikes!

Poppy loves swinging with Caroline!

Caroline's Baptism

Caroline was baptized on Sunday, September 12th. She was baptized at Providence by our pastor and friend David Rea. Our friends Rob & Lauren Langley also had their daughter Cameron baptized so that was a special day for both of our families!

Photo with David Rea and the Langley family!

Months 3-5 and they keep flying by!

Life is flying by - here is a recap from months 3-5...

On the beach at Amelia Island during vacation with the Cooper family!

Caroline is a great beach sleeper. The wind and waves soothed her to sleep!

Sunglasses for all :)

Family photo at the Rowling family reunion in Fort Worth.

All smiles and drool! One tooth in, another on the way...

Friday, October 15, 2010

And here is a photo summary to bring us up to date!

A lot has happened since May 4th! Life has changed for all of us and we are learning to roll with it one day at a time! :)

When Caroline came home from the hospital she was only 5lb 12oz! She barely fit in her car seat!!
Bath time is a favorite for Caroline and for me!
Caroline, meet your big brother and buddy, Teco!

Caroline loves spending time in Colorado. Here she is after a long hike with me and Nana!

Welcome Caroline Claire Rowling!

May 4, 2010 2:26am
6lbs 3oz 19.5in